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I raise mini, mid size, and small standard Jersey cows with the goal of creating healthy, social and well-mannered family milk cows that embody the best characteristics of a Jersey. All of these cows are located on my farm in Culpeper, VA. They are easy keepers - pastured raised and supplemented with hay in the winter. They receive minimal grain, which is used as a treat and for training purposes. 

I focus on A2/A2 cows but also have the occasional A1/A1 and A1/A2 cow available, as well as Jersey crosses. 


The herd is disease tested on a regular basis. 

Click on the name of each cow to find out more about that cow. 

Please check out our purchasing info and cow FAQs.

Announcements: Please check out the On a Whim Farm Facebook page for the latest sales, breeding, and pregnancy announcements!  I have several Jerseys available that are not yet listed on the website. Please call or text _703-989-9545 for more information.



On a Whim Bambi

Born 03/21/2019
Sure Shot Southern Comfort (sire)HH Tabitha of Misty Morning Farm-P (dam)
Size: Expected to stay within the mini size range
Registered with IMCBR: 7232-MCBR
Bambi was mistaken at birth for a fawn by my neighbor, earning her this beloved name. She is an A2/A2, polled, and purebred (BBR 100) mini Jersey. 



Haven's Sandy Cheeks
Star Haven Valentine Gus (sire) x Haven's Lil Bob (dam)
Born 1/12/2017
Size: Measures approx 43-44" at the hip
Cheeky is an A2/A2 dehorned small mid-size cow. 


Misty Morning Farm Holly-PP 
Misty Morning Farm Little King Kong-P (sire) x MMF Honeysuckle-PP (dam)
Born 03/02/2017
Size: Mini (measures 41.5" at the hip)
Holly is an A2/A2 homozygous polled mini Jersey cow. She has three generations of mini Jerseys in her pedigree. She is so sweet. 


Tank Pic1.jpg

Haven's Tank
Born November 23, 2018
Size: Mini (measures approx 41" at the HIP)
Registration: 7132-MCBR; MJHB1344

Tank is an A2/A2 mini Jersey bull. He was dehorned as a calf but his horns have grown back and I keep them cut short. He is approximately 42" tall. Tank is a proven breeder and has tested negative for Trich. He is registered with both IMBCR and MJHBR. His dam milked 6 gallons/day at her peak. 



HH Tabitha of Misty Morning Farm-P - SOLD

Holterholm Lancelot-P (sire) x Holterholm Blackjack Kandy-P (dam)
Mid-mini Jersey 
Born 05/28/2017
AJCA# USA 173052831
Tabitha is a friendly, well-mannered, and easy cow. She is A2/A2 and polled. She had her first calf, Bambi, on 05/31/2019 completely unassisted. 


Maximus Implus Buttercup - SOLD
"Buttercup" or "Big Mama"

Size: Small Standard Jersey
Born 03/29/2010
AJCA# USA 117130269
Buttercup has the BEST disposition. She is kind, patient, and trusting. She is the PERFECT first milk cow. She is easy, easy, easy. She is A2/A2 and is dehorned. She was exposed to my mini Jersey bull for an early 2021 calf.


JX Sar Rodeo Flyer - SOLD

Born 09/24/2017
Size: Large mid-mini or small standard
AJCA # JE840003144339697

Chloe is an A2/A2 halter trained, friendly, and easy-to-handle cow. Did I say friendly? She is a former 4H project that was handled by an 8-year old boy...she is extremely friendly. Chloe is confirmed pregnant (via ultrasound by vet) by a mini Jersey bull (Chester) for an early January 2021 calf! ***SOLD*** Chloe went to a wonderful home to be a family milk cow. 


On a Whim Daisy May - SOLD

Country Breeze Charlie (sire) x Maximus Implus Buttercup (dam)
Born 05/03/2018
Size: Standard
Registration: 7231-MCBR; AMJ1904
Daisy is Buttercup's fourth calf and is stunning. She is A2/A2 and was dehorned as a calf. Daisy is probably the easiest keeper I have...she could probably live on air alone.


Chester Moo - SOLD
Born September 2, 2017
Size: Mini (measures 42.75" at the HIP - April 2020)
Registration: AMJ1904; 7294-MCBR

Chester is a well-mannered A2/A2 homozygous polled mini Jersey bull and comes from Riverview lines. He successfully bred every heifer and cow he's been with, some on the first try! His first offspring should be on the ground in early January 2021.


Maude of Misty Morning Farm-P  - SOLD

Click HERE For more info


Born 3/12/2015

AJCA # USA 119450332

Maude is a standard-sized AJCA A2/A2 and homozygous polled Jersey cow that has had one calf. She was milked by the kids of her previous owner. She would be suitable as an only cow.  **MAUDE IS PREGNANT!! She was bred to my mini Jersey bull, Chester, and is about 80 days along (confirmed via ultrasound by my vet on Dec 14).


On a Whim Cocoa Puff - SOLD

Born 10/22/2020
Angus bull x BJE Victorious Belle ("Belle")
Size: Expected to be a standard size
Coco is 1/2 Jersey and 1/2 Angus. She is out of "Belle," my small framed standard Jersey. Coco was born healthy and completely unassisted. She is a beautiful, curious, and feisty heifer. 


BJE Victorious Belle - SOLD
River Valley Victorious-ET (sire) x BJE Valentino Fury Baby Belle (dam)
Born 09/01/2018
Size: Small standard/large mid-mini?
AJCA: USA 17371615
Belle is a beautiful A2/A2 Jersey heifer. She was bred when I purchased her and she just had her first calf (a heifer!) completely unassisted. 

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