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It started on a whim...

Not really. Anyone who knows me knows that most everything I do is well thought out, researched, and analyzed. But unless I know I’m going to do some thing for sure, I hold my plans close to the vest. For the majority of people in my life, they didn’t know my plans and therefore thought I woke up one morning and decided to buy a farm. And thus, in the spring of 2017, On a Whim Farm was born.



The farm is home to my dogs, horses, a few cows and several goats. Oh, and a few rescued feral cats. The horses and dogs I have for fun. The cows and goats I raise to sell as pets or dairy animals, and the cats I have out of necessity to keep the mouse population in check, and therefore, hopefully keep the s-n-a-k-e-s away :)



My animals are raised on pasture with love and care. All grazing animals on the farm have 24/7 access to horse-quality orchard grass/alfalfa hay and are supplemented with top quality grain when needed. Since the cows’ and goats’ milk is consumed, I use herbal and other natural supplements and remedies whenever possible.



For the cows, I currently have a small herd of A2/A2 Jerseys in various sizes - ranging from mid-size to mini. I have dubbed them Culpeper’s friendliest cows. 


When I was looking for a farm to buy, I had a vision and a strategy for this working farm. It has been an amazing journey to make that vision a reality and I look forward to making this a best in class operation.

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