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Terms, Conditions & Fine Print

Please keep in mind that this is a small HOBBY farm - I do this for the love of my animals and because it brings me joy - not because this is how I make a living. I have a full-time job in addition to maintaining the farm and caring for the animals. Below are some of the considerations to take into account before you purchase an animal from me. They are pretty standard but I like to publish them so there are no questions. 

Also, please know that I strive to make the buying experiencing as easy, transparent, and ETHICAL as possible. Any known issues with an animal are disclosed and all paperwork provided is accurate. 

What You Get When You Buy a Cow from OWF

All cattle sold by OWF will come with:

  • Bill of sale

  • A permanent 840 ear tag

  • Overall animal summary (includes stats on birth, health info, etc.)

  • Transferable registration papers, if applicable 

  • Results of genetic testing performed

  • Results of latest disease testing performed

Sale Terms and Conditions

  • Animals are sold AS-IS and cannot be returned once they step foot on the trailer of the shipper or buyer. This is primarily due to bio-security concerns. 

  • Animals are not sold on a first come, first serve basis. When I potential buyer contacts me, I want to know about your prior experience with cows and what goals you hope to achieve with your new cow. That way I can steer you towards the appropriate cow. Choosing an appropriate cow for your experience level and situation is key to ensuring you are happy with your purchase. 

  • All animals are sold as-is. I guarantee an animal is healthy and free of the diseases I have tested it for, but cannot guarantee its health once it leaves my property. 

  • I want to match a buyer with the animal that best suits his/her needs and experience level. I reserve the right to refuse a sale of an animal if I think the match is not suitable or may be dangerous for the buyer or animal.

  • An animal is for sale until a deposit is received; a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the sales price is required to hold an animal. I can hold the animal for 10 calendar days from the day the deposit is made and after that I charge $20/day for board. If the animal is not picked up after 20 days then the animal is considered abandoned by the purchaser and I have the right to re-sell the animal to another buyer. 

  • When a pregnant animal is sold, I cannot guarantee that the animal will carry full term and/or have a live birth. If you have ever bred animals you will understand that things can happen, even when everything seems to be going well. However, I typically do not sell heifers/cows until they are pregnant for at least 60 days to ensure the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. 

  • It is up to the buyer to determine if he/she wants to perform any additional health/vet screenings before purchasing the animal. The buyer is responsible for any additional health screenings he/she desires above and beyond what I had performed. 

Shipping / Transportation Requirements

  • I do not provide transportation. It is up to the buyer to secure shipping for the animal and to fulfill all interstate shipping requirements. Each state has different rules and the buyer should contact his/her State Veterinary Office to inquire about requirements for animal import. Buyers assumes the cost for shipping the animal and any required health certificates, screenings, etc. If the animal is crossing state lines, at least a health certificate is needed. Each state has it's own requirements for livestock transportation.

  • A useful website to help determine interstate shipping requirements is:  Since regulations change all the time, and this website may not have the latest info, it is best to also confirm with the State Veterinary Offices(s) on regulations. I usually call the office to confirm the latest regulations since I have learned that the state websites are also not always up-to-date.

  • While it is the buyer's responsibility to select a shipper and ensure the shipper meets the buyer's standards, I can provide you with a few names of shippers that clients or I have used:

    • Rockin' L Livestock​ - Donald Love - 843-860-7539 -

    • Jonathon Lippert - 703-595-5405

    • Bull Shippers - Paul Briggs - 435-790-4855

    • Marty Michelson - 435-999-4669

    • Anatassia Zikkos - 859-229-6540 (I have used her for horses but she said she would consider transporting cows


  • Payment can be made via cash on the day of pick-up. I will accept checks if they are received and clear the bank prior to the animal being picked up. 


  • Height measurements: please keep in mind I am a one person shop. Taking height measurements along is harder than it may seem. I can take an up-to-date measurement for you but it will be APPROXIMATE. The best way is to have a vet certified measurement taken. I can have this done during my next scheduled vet appointment, however, if the buyer want it done before my next scheduled vet appointment, the cost will be incurred by the buyer. Cow/heifer/bull heights are not permanent until the animal turns 3 years old. Any measurement taken before the age of 3 does not guarantee a height projection based on the various height charts circulating on the Internet. There are so many variables that impact the final height of an animal. I can give you my best guess of where an animal will end up when full grown, but that is all it is - a best guess and not a guarantee.

  • Even after a purchase, please contact me with updates and any questions you may have. My animals are special to me and I enjoy seeing how they are doing in their new homes.  

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