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Haven's Sandy Cheeks


Cheeky is a beautiful and friendly A2/A2 Jersey cow. She is a really nice small mid-size and has a lovely udder. 

Sandy's stats:

  • Date of birth: 01/12/2017

  • Sire: Star Haven Valentine Gus

  • Dam: Haven's Lil Bob 

  • Registration #: 7287-MCBR

  • Milk Protein Testing Results:

    • Beta Casein: A2/A2

    • Kappa Casein: A/B

    • Beta Lactoglobulin: A/A

  • Chrondro status: Negative

  • Polled status: Dehorned

  • DNA case: NC58710

  • Height: Mid-mini (measures 44.5" at the hip - March 2020)

About Cheeky's dam: I don't have any pictures of her, but Heather (Cheeky's breeder) says Lil Bob was a light blonde mid-mini Jersey, had a beautiful udder, was A2/A2, horned, and measured 44" at the hip.

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