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Mircle Acres Chester Moo


Chester is a young A2/A2 mini Jersey bull that is very good at his job :)  He has a good termperment and has been easy for me to handle. Some of my cows were exposed to him in April and I am excited to see his first calves in early 2021.

Chester's stats:

  • Date of birth: 09/02/2017

  • Sire: Crooked Oak Stormy

  • Dam: Lolly Moo

  • Registration #: AMJ1904; 7294-MCBR

  • Milk Protein Testing Results:

    • Beta Casein: A2/A2

    • Kappa Casein: B/B

    • Beta Lactoglobulin: B/B

  • Chondro (dwarfism) status: BD1 negative

  • Polled Status: Homozygous polled

  • DNA Case: NC58662

  • Height: Mini (measures 42.75" at the HIP - April 2020)

  • Disease Testing: Tested in 2020 and negative for Brucellosis, BLV, BVD, Johnes, TB, and Trich.

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