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BJE Victorious Belle


Belle is a small framed AJCA registered A2/A2 Jersey. She might even measure as a large mid-mini but I haven't measured her yet. She was bred to an Angus when I purchased her and in late October 2020, she had a beautiful and healthy 1/2 Jersey 1/2 Angus heifer calf, which I named On a Whim Cocoa Puff ("Coco"). She had the calf completely unassisted and had no complications. She is a great mom! Coco takes after her mom and just looks like a chocolate colored Jersey. 

Belle's stats:

  • Date of birth: September 1, 2018

  • Sire: River Valley Victorious-ET (AJCA JE840003126479524)

  • Dam: BJE Valentino Fury Baby Belle (AJCA USA 118851019)

  • Registration #: AJCA USA 17371615

  • Milk Protein Testing Results:

    • Beta Casein: A2/I (=A2/A2)

    • Kappa Casein: TBD

    • Beta Lactoglobulin: TBD

  • Chrondro status: Negative

  • Polled status: Dehorned

  • DNA case: NC59314

  • Height: Standard/mid-mini?

  • Disease testing: Tested and negative in June 2020 for Brucellosis, BVD, BLV, TB, and Johnes. 

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