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On a Whim Bambi


Bambi was born on 03/21/2019 out of Tabitha of Misty Morning Farm-P and by Sure Shot Southern Comfort. Bambi is a happy, healthy, and feisty heifer who is very curious. She is purebred Jersey (BBR 100), A2/A2 and polled. 

Bambi's stats:

  • Date of Birth: 03/21/2019

  • Sire: Sure Shot Southern Comfort

  • Dam: Tabitha of Misty Morning Farm-P

  • Registration #7232-MCBR

  • BBR: 100 (purebred Jersey)

  • Milk Protein Testing Results:

    • Beta casein: A2/I

    • Kappa Casein: B/B

    • Beta Lactoglobulin: B/B

  • Chrondro status: Negative for BD1

  • Polled status: Pf/H (heterozygous polled)

  • DNA Case: NC57983

  • Height: Approx 36" - Feb 2020

About Bambi's sire: Sure Shot Southern Comfort is A2/A2 homozygous polled and registered mini Jersey bull. He measures 42" (vet certified permanent height); his sire was 41" and his dam was 40". He is registered with The International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry (#5797-MCBR).

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