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Maude of Misty Morning Farm-P


Maude is a beautiful AJCA registered A2/A2 Jersey cow that has had one calf. According to her previous owner, she gave approximately 3 gallons of milk per day (2x/day milking) after she calved. They reduced her down to 1x/day milking and she gave 1.5 gallons per day and was milked by their kids. 

In her previous home she was an only cow and bonded with her human family and would come when called and was easy to catch and lead (I witnessed this when I picked her up). However, when I got her to my farm and integrated her with my other cows, she became "feral" (ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration) and did not bond with me. I've worked with her so she has gotten easier to handle over time. But her next owner should expect her to be skittish and require lots of handling to get used to her new human family. She will bond faster if she is an only cow. She is more independent than my other cows and because of that, I would expect her to be fine as an only cow as long as she gets attention from her human family. 

Full disclosure: I purchased Maude with an eye ulcer on each of her eyes. The ulcers are most likely due from a pink eye infection that she had with a previous owner. She has never had any other known health issues and has not had pink eye since I have owned her. 

Maude's stats:

  • Date of birth: 03/12/2015

  • Sire: Frantastic of Docsherd-P

  • Dam: Holterholm Primo Maribelle-P

  • Current size: Standard Jersey (49"+)

  • Registration #: AJCA USA 119450332

  • Milk Protein Testing Results:

    • Beta Casein: A2/A2

    • Kappa Casein: A/B

    • Beta Lactoglobulin: B/B

  • Polled status: Pf/Pf (homozygous polled)

  • DNA case: NC58202

  • Disease testing: Tested and negative in 2020 for Brucellosis, BVD, BLV, Johnes, and TB.

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