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Maximus Impuls Buttercup

"Buttercup" or "Big Mama"

I can't say enough good things about Buttercup. She was my first dairy cow and was sold to me as "the perfect first milk cow." And she certainly is. She taught me how to milk and has the patience of a Saint. She is kind, tolerant, and extremely well-mannered. She has never tried to kick at or hurt me. I don't even use a stanchion for her (or any of my cows) - I just tie her up while I milk her. I have milked her both by hand and by machine. She comes to you when called. She is a pet and she is the perfect first milk cow.

Buttercup is respectful of fences, comes when called, loves people and attention, and has been easy for me to administer routine care. She's an easy keeper - lives off of pasture and I only supplement her with hay in the winter and grain as a treat. Suitable as a first milk cow for a family new to milking!

Buttercup's stats:

  • Born: 3/29/2010

  • AJCA Registration Name: Maximus Implus Buttercup

  • AJCA Registration #: USA 117130269

  • BBR: 100 (purebred Jersey)

  • Size: Small standard Jersey

  • Beta Casein: A2/A2

  • Polled status: dehorned

  • Disease testing: Tested and negative in 2020 for Brucellosis, BVD, BLV, Johnes, and TB.


She has had four calves, with On a Whim Daisy May being the fourth. She had Daisy unassisted with no issues and she is a great mom. She is also great with people, other cows, dogs, horses, and goats. 

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